Do I need a will?
If you die in Texas without a will, your property will legally be divided as follows (note that family members may steal some of your property and otherwise may fight with each other over items).

If you are unmarried and have no kids: property divided by statutory formula (see probate code section 38)

If you are unmarried but have kids: all property goes to your children in equal shares

if you are married with kids: 1/3 of your separate property and a life estate in 1/3 of your separate real estate goes to your spouse. If all your children are also your spouse's kids, all community property goes to your spouse. But, if you have any children with someone other than your spouse, then only 1/2 of your community property goes to your spouse, and the other 1/2 goes to your children (with the exception of homestead, which your spouse gets a life estate in)

So you can see how there are potential problems if you die without a will. The other problem is of course administering your estate, which could require an expensive and time-consuming court process.
What can a will do for me?
First you can establish your wishes related to property, burial, guardianship, trust, and administration. So your wishes will be followed. This can save everyone time, money, and grief. If you have a larger estate, estate planning can be implemented to save on taxes. If you have young children, you can set up guardianships and trusts to help them as they grow up (and prevent them from inheriting a large amount of money at a young age which might be "blown" on expensive toys.
How do I get a will?
To avoid paying a consultation fee, most people fill out our will paperwork and fax/email to us. We will review the paperwork and let you know the fee to prepare the will, prepare it, and set up a time for you to sign.

If you feel the need to have a consultation prior to filling out our will paperwork, there is a consultation fee billed at the standard hourly office rate with a one-hour minimum fee.
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